Christmas Tree Custom Shapes

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Xmas trees and festive designs for Photoshop




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Christmas Tree Custom Shapes will provide users with Xmas trees and festive designs.

The set includes the designs in three different formats. The key format being CSH for use in Photoshop and PS Elements, to load these into Photoshop or Elements, simply access the file via the standard file > open command.

Once loaded into Photoshop, the designs can be accessed via the custom shapes tool. The shapes are vectors but they can be applied as a raster design as well as vector shape / path / curved design. The vector shapes are all for commercial use, no credit is required.

The custom shapes can be combined / merged to create millions of unique shapes and designs, the new shapes can be saved as a new custom shape. The custom shapes can be applied with any color, the shapes can be applied with layer effects.

The shapes can be combined with text, the shapes can be exported to other applications and much more. The shapes in Photoshop are a stunning toolkit of designs that can be used in many ways. Even use them to create Photoshop brushes or Photoshop patterns or frames / masks.

The set also includes the same designs in EPS vector format, they can be used in many different applications such as Adobe Indesign, QuarkXpress, Illustrator, Paint Shop Pro and many others. Easy to use, import or open the files and then use as layers in the DTP or 3D application.

The set also includes the designs in a raster format (PNG) for use in many applications such as Paint Shop Pro, Xara, PhotoImpact, Painter, SumoPaint, Photoshop Elements, Photo-Paint and many more.

Access the PNG files via the file > open command or import. In some applications you may have to convert the PNG files to JPG. The designs can be used as layers, as a source for Paint Shop Pro brushes and much more.
Last updated on May 18th, 2011
Christmas Tree Custom Shapes

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