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A plugin that allows you to add custom brush strokes to your pictures

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Paint.NET is undoubtedly a popular graphic editor dues to its many functions and intuitive interface, but its popularity is also fueled by the fact that third-party developers have the liberty to enhance its functionality with plugins. Such a plugin is CustomBrushesMini and it enables you to easily add personalized brush strokes to your images.

In order to enjoy the functions of CustomBrushesMini, you first need to copy its corresponding DLL to the Effect folder within the installation folder of Paint.NET (make sure the app is closed when you copy the DLL, otherwise it will not be visible within the Effects menu until you restart it).

CustomBrushesMini is launched in a standalone window, so you will not be distracted by the menus and panels of Paint.NET while using this extension.

At this point, you have two options: either load custom brushes you have previously created, or experiment with CustomBrushesMini by selecting colors or images to overlay over your pictures. Each brush you apply will become available within a history panel.

You get the possibility to adjust the zoom level of the source image so as to get a better view of the brushes you create. You can also modify the brush size and mode (between mask and color), as well as the speed, basically how many brush strokes should be created each time you apply them.

In addition, CustomBrushesMini enables you to undo or redo your actions, but also to reset the canvas to its original state, if you are not pleased with the result.

All in all, CustomBrushesMini can help you enhance the Paint.NET user experience, especially if you are the creative type who likes to design custom bits of graphic elements, such as brushes, and use them to beautify your artistic projects.

CustomBrushesMini was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on January 10th, 2014
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