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Edit and create animations as sequences of single frames.

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GIMP Animation Package represents a collection of plugins that extends the use of GIMP - the advanced graphic editing program.

It gives you the possibility of creating animation effects and working with video files, in addition to the features provided by GIMP.

The tool creates a "Video" menu in GIMP where you can create a multi-layer image with a rain effect, rainbow-colored plasma pattern, as well as an animated fire or melt effect.

But you can also turn images into an animated waving flag, save each layer to a file, swap the order of layers in the layerstack, and copy and rotate layers that are set up for an animation.

Moreover, you can replace partial transparency with the current background color, input text and generate an animated sequence where letters drop onto the background individually, as well as adjust the opacity level of multiple layers and create an animation by mapping the current image onto a spinning cube.

Regarding video frames, you can either delete, duplicate, exchange, convert, crop, modify, renumber, resize or scale them, perform a reverse or shift sequence, convert frames into images, as well as split pictures and videos into frames.

Once you have accessed the "Storyboard" area, you can create clips and transitions, add audio tracks and configure global layout properties (e.g. cliplist layout, thumbnail size, storyboard layout) along with playback preferences (e.g. cache size, button array display).

All in all, GIMP Animation Package provides an extra level of flexibility concerning the creation and design of animations in the GIMP graphic editing software. It targets both first-time and advanced users.

GIMP Animation Package was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on December 4th, 2012

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