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The graphical user interface for the ImageX tool, so that you capture folders, mount images, view information pertaining to them and extract an image from a WIM

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GImageX is a compact application designed to provide you with a graphical interface for the ImageX command line tool. It a useful program for the users who need to capture, deploy and edit the details for Windows Imaging Format files.

Source program and easy-to-use interface

The ImageX application is a part of the Windows Automated Installation Kit which allows administrators to create disk images that can be used for deploying multiple files and folders. The created WIM file includes an exact replica of the captured folders and can be deployed on multiple systems that have the same configuration.

All the features of the ImageX application are available through the command line interface and should be easy to use for most administrators that are used to the Command Prompt. However, GImageX comes to aid people with less experience and all users to perform actions faster with a simple-to-handle graphical interface.

Capture folders, mount images and extract items from the WIM

This utility allows you to capture folders and apply images by specifying the source and destination. The interface includes the possibility to change the compression type or set the SKU flag for the output WIM file.

The program can work with files that include multiple images by deleting or editing the information from certain images. You are also able to mount a certain image with minimum effort.

A useful feature is the ability to review the details pertaining to the WIM content which enables you to determine if it includes more images and select the one that you want to use for deployment. The Export tab offers you the option to extract an image from the WIM and save it on the hard drive.


Overall, the GUI provided by GImageX allows you to access the essential commands of ImageX without having to deal with the command line. The included documentation makes it easy to understand by all user categories, the response time is good and the amount of resources required in order to properly work is insignificant.

GImageX was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on July 29th, 2014
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