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An easy to use plug-in for multiple photo editors, that enables you to add realistic night-goggle and imaging distortion to your pictures

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NightVision is an intuitive plug-in, that works with a large array of photo editors and adds special effects to your images. You can modify your photos, by adding filters and effects, in order to make them look like captures from night vision goggles, CCTV cameras or infrared devices.

Instant response in photo editing

When editing a photo, the preview is one of the most important tools an editing software can offer to you. NightVision enables you to make changes to your settings and view them applied to your photo in real time. Thus, you can quickly decide if further editing is necessary.

As you open the plug-in, you may view the default night vision settings applied to the image, in the preview, as well as the adjustment buttons. The options available for you to modify are intensifying the luminosity, changing the feedback level, the signal noise or the raster parameters.

A night vision goggle or CCTV camera capture

Due to the unfavorable conditions for taking photos in the dark, the image quality is low, the level of details is reduced, and depending on the case, the colors are not rendered. The plug-in can simulate all these effects and apply them to your photo.

Moreover, it allows you to add a ghosting effect, which implies the presence of horizontal bars of the surface of the picture. It is inspired by tube television sets, and it is caused by weak video signal. NightVision can translate this effect to a photo and it allows you adjust the intensity of the rasters, their density and their width.

Additionally, the plug-in turns your photos to grey scale and enables you to apply color filters, in order to add green, red or blue tints to the image.


NightVision is a simple to use plug-in for photo editors, that enables you to add special, low light effects to your images. It can simulate the low photo quality, weak signal and feedback, as well as the ghosting effect determined by these parameters. You can make your images look as if they were captured with the help of night vision goggles, CCTV cameras, in the dark, or with infrared devices.

NightVision was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 4th, 2014
NightVision - NightVision is a reliable plug-in for photo editors, that enables you to simulate images acquired with night goggles.NightVision - You may adjust the signal feedback, the added luminosity, image noise or raster scale, as well as add a color filter to the image.

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