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A Photoshop plugin that can automatically correct distortions inside digital images by applying a series of patented graphic filters

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Perfectly Clear Photoshop Plugin is a graphic auto-correction plugin designed for Photoshop, being able to fine tune the imperfections from your collection of photos with very little efforts on your side.

The plugin aims to spear you the labor you’d have to invest in manually editing a large set of graphics, relying on over fifteen patented corrections in order to produce accurate and visually appealing photos.

Perfectly Clear is easy to use, integrates seamlessly in Photoshop, allowing you to process multiple photos at a time, which means less time spent editing and more time taking photos.

Targeting mostly professional photographers and designers, Perfectly Clear is able to apply all the corrections with a single click, delivering natural and good looking pictures almost instantly.

The plugin features a before and after approach, allowing you to clearly view the differences between the original files and the ones processed with its engine.

Moreover, if you’re not perfectly happy with the results, the plugin allows you to edit various parameters such as white balance, exposure, contrast, sharpening, color vibrancy / fidelity and noise and also provides a filter for adjusting the skin tone.

Details can be visualized and evaluated better using the built-in zoom function that delivers magnified views for observing even the tiniest detail.

If in doubt about its usage, you can conveniently access the tutorials that the application provides for beginners.

All in all, Perfectly Clear Photoshop Plugin is recommended for scenarios that involve processing a consistent set of photos, proving that it can correct the most common distortions in multiple images at the same time.

Perfectly Clear Photoshop Plugin was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on July 28th, 2014
Perfectly Clear Photoshop Plugin - The main window enables users to adjust the tint correction, tone exposure and light diffusionPerfectly Clear Photoshop Plugin - You can preview the original and the altered image side by side, as well as switch between the provided presets

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