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Transform any picture into a work of art, with just one click!

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Sketch Effect is a small tool that allows you to quickly add effects to an existing picture. The program comes an easy-to-use interface that consists only of a small window and several buttons.

You can start by adding a picture or by using the sample, as well as select what kind of effect you want to apply to it - "Picture Mosaic", "Van Gogh", "Pointilism", "Colored Pencil", "Charcoal Pencil" or "Black and White Photo".

Then you can set the picture size - width and height (optionally enable Sketch Effect to lock aspect ratio), and press the "Paint!" button.

If you have selected the "Picture Mosaic" option, you can also import your own pictures (and videos) that will be displayed in tiles, set the number of "Tiles Across", optionally enable "Auto-size Tiles Down" and to include the picture library.

The output file can be printed or saved in several image formats (including JPG, PSD, PNG, TGA and BMP).

Conversions are done very fast, except for "Picture Mosaic" that requires a little extra time, while Sketch Effect uses a low amount of system resources.

However, Sketch Effect has its downsides. For example, the program froze when we tried canceling conversion to "Picture Mosaic".

Nevertheless, this is a great tool for users who don't have any kind of experience in the image editing department and just want to easily create some nice looking effects.

Sketch Effect was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on January 28th, 2013
Sketch Effect - This is the main window of Sketch Effect that allows you to load the photos and modify them.

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