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A useful Adobe Photoshop plugin that was especially created to provide designers with a means of adding a set of nice effects in their projects





Enhancing digital pictures or designs created in Photoshop can be easily done using the built-in editing features and effects of this powerful software. Those who need even more can extend the program through some dedicated plugins that will bring extra functions.

Designers who integrate particle effects in their projects could surely use a nifty add-on like Ulead Particle.Plugin. This tool, once added to Photoshop, will make it possible for users to add a set of great looking effects to any image.

Among the abilities of Ulead Particle.Plugin are the creation of smoke, fire, clouds or rain effects and each of them can be customized. To set the way in which an effect is displayed, you have at your disposal several adjustments

The effect controls include the possibility to configure the density, size and variance. For each of them, a slider is available for smooth calibration, but you can also input the numeric value you want in the corresponding box.

The particle parameters can also be modified using the dedicated controls inside Ulead Particle.Plugin. Thus, the particle opacity, frequency or vertical and horizontal scaling can be tweaked easily.

Thanks to all the possibilities offered by this Photoshop plugin, pictures and other graphical designs can be greatly enhanced in a really simple manner.
Last updated on September 30th, 2008
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