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An easy-to-use DICOM medical image viewer

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DICOM stands for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine and it is a standard typically used for files storing medical imagery. Those who want to be able to access this type of files on their computers need to rely on dedicated applications, such as Agnosco DICOM Viewer.

The utility installs without any issues and users can start browsing their folders looking for DCM files - they can either be individual files, or they can be a part of series, in which case, all the image sets would be displayed.

The graphical interface is intuitive and it is kept as simple as possible, so as to offer the users the possibility to focus on the image, rather than try to find their way around the app.

One can adjust the zoom level of the DICOM file or disable the metadata display, thus getting a better look at the CT or the MRI they are analyzing. Additionally, they can change the color scheme to make sure they can accurately notice any abnormalities within the scan.

Considering the application is mainly a viewing one, there are not many editing options, yet users can still rotate and flip the images, as well as calculate the distance or angle between two points. They can also make text annotations or add arrows whenever they want to emphasize an area or a point.

However, these changes are temporary, as they cannot be saved and exported to a different DICOM file.

All in all, Agnosco DICOM Viewer comes in handy to doctors or medicine students looking to get a better look at scans so as to be able to correctly diagnose patients.

Agnosco DICOM Viewer was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on February 21st, 2014
Agnosco DICOM Viewer - This is the main window of Agnosco DICOM Viewer where you can start analyzing your imagesAgnosco DICOM Viewer - This is the way Agnosco DICOM Viewer will allow users to customize the window appearanceAgnosco DICOM Viewer - Agnosco DICOM Viewer will offer you the possibility to modify the tile layout according to your preferencesAgnosco DICOM Viewer - screenshot #4Agnosco DICOM Viewer - screenshot #5Agnosco DICOM Viewer - screenshot #6

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