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A very simple, yet efficient application aimed at all user categories that can be used for reading the contents of CBZ comic books

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Free CBZ Reader is a software program dedicated to reading comic book files that are available in CBZ format. While its functionality is pretty basic, it does accomplish its purpose.

The CBZ format is yet another type of archive that comic books come wrapped in and in order to view them correctly, third-party software is needed. If you’re looking for a simple comic book viewer, than you may just find a companion in Free CBZ Reader.

It is aimed at all audiences, on account of its simplicity and ease of use. Following a short installation process, you can get acquainted with the user interface, which sports a rather rudimentary appearance.

A single menu populates the main GUI, allowing you to load the file to be viewed, seeing as drag and drop is not supported. Also, you can only view one file at a time.

The pages of the comic book are displayed in a sidebar located to the left of the main window, where you can navigate between them seamlessly. Each page is shown as a thumbnail, allowing you to preview the contents before you actually click on it.

Another way to navigate the books is to use the back and forward arrows provided inside the main window or alternatively, use the arrows on your keyboard. The zoom can be controlled using a slider that allows you to magnify the whole book to a desired percentage.

There’s not much left to say about Free CBZ Reader. It could use an option to view multiple files at a time, as well as a more appealing and flexible interface in order to attract more users.

Free CBZ Reader was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 30th, 2014
Free CBZ Reader - The main window of Free CBZ Reader allows users to load the file to be opened.

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