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JPSViewer - 3D image file viewer designed for viewing stereo 3D JPS files

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JPSViewer is a very easy to use 3D image viewer designed to open any 3d JPS files. The has a very simplistic interface allowing you to browse easily through its menus. Not to mention that most of the app's features are reachable over a quick righ-click over the loaded image.

Note that JPSViewer includes all the visualization or zoom-related basic features of a general image viewer. What makes it stand out is basically its wide set of functions related to opening 3D files.

Supporting all H3D/X3D compatible LC shutter glasses, and all anaglyph glasses for real 3D viewing, you can select the specific type of 3D glasses that you use. Therefore, you can choose between Anaglyph Color, Mono or Pure glasses types and Normal Interleaved or Reversed Interleaved when it comes to LC Shutter Glasses. As you select a type of supported 3D glasses, the colorization of your image changes completely to fit your selected characteristics.

If you're using a Lenticullar 3d LCD monitor, you can set the visualization to fit Normal or Reversed Lenticullar display.

Furthermore, you have the option of opening photographs without any 3D filter applied. You can enable them to be displayed cross-eyed, parallel, or plainly: the left or the right image only.

The tool features an additional 3D Controller window in your icon tray, that you can use to rapidly adjust the viewing mode or to configure hot-keys. You can also enable LCS auto shut-off or adjust the speed of the LCS switching process.

JPSViewer is a software utility that addresses functionality above all. Its transparent layout leaves all its functions at reach visibly increasing its usability.

JPSViewer was reviewed by Alexandra Panaete
Last updated on May 23rd, 2013
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