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With support for CBR and CBZ archived files, this straightforward program enables you to easily read comic books and use several hotkeys

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Jomic is a handy application that aims to help you enjoy older comic books that have been archived as CBR or CBZ files. These formats are often used to compress static images such as JPG or GIF files into a single archive file.

This program is able to decompress the content of the archive and show you the images one by one.

Control view mode and easily navigate pics

The interface is easy to use and allows you to view the images contained in the archive in sequence. You can choose to view a single image at a time or to show two images side-by-side just like a comic book.

There is no zoom function available but you can view the image at the actually scanned size. Usually the images are bigger than the program window and this action allows you to view more details. Unfortunately, you cannot grab the image in order to focus on a certain area and you need to rely on the scroll bars to navigate through the photo.

Apply a blur effect and support for hotkeys

An interesting function is the ability to blur the image in order to hide the print marks. These are small black dots that appear between different color areas on most comics that are scanned from printed material. Blurring the image removes these marks, yet it also affects the overall quality. The blur effect can be adjusted manually.

You have more than one way to browse through the comic book. If you want to read the entire content you can just open the file and click on the image to get to the next one. The program also allows you to use the keyboard shortcuts and the buttons from the toolbar. If you need to see a certain image you can view the page thumbnails and select the one that you want to read.

Create your own archives

It is important to keep in mind that Jomic is more than just a reader. You can use it to export certain images from the comic book and to create more archives from your own images. The process is quite simple since it takes just a few seconds to create the desired pack.

A final assessment

The program uses the Java platform and occupies a significant part of the system's RAM that increases with every page loaded by the program.

Overall Jomic has all the important features to read comic books and has an easy-to-use interface. We did not register any kind of issues in our tests, yet the response time leaves a lot to be desired.

Jomic was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on August 8th, 2014
Jomic - The main window of the Jomic application can be used to view all your favorite comic books.Jomic - You can use the included menu below in order to rotate or blur your comic book.Jomic - This is how you can use the Go menu to navigate to the next / previous page.

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