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This intuitive application helps you convert your PSD files to JPG file format with the aid of batch processing and several output settings

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If you work a lot with Photoshop, you most likely keep your projects saved to PSD file format, just to be sure you will be able to reload and edit them again at a later date. In case you change your mind and wish to convert them to JPG files, the procedure could take up to several hours to complete manually when many files are involved.

That's why it would be a pretty good idea to use a dedicated conversion tool like Batch PSD to JPG Convert.

Its name perfectly describes the purpose of this application, as one can easily convert several files from PSD to JPG automatically, without wasting time with complicated steps.

Clean and simple looks

Batch PSD to JPG Convert is delivered as a very light tool and tries to spread the simplicity flavor all around.

The interface for example is minimal and there's nothing that could get you into trouble. Just a clean and user-friendly look, with only a few options to customize a little bit the final result.

Configuration settings

Options include resizing settings, so you can choose whether to resize the new JPG file or keep its original dimensions. The program also enables you to customize the output naming scheme and choose the quality you want the generated images to have.

An overall reliable and efficient PSD convertor

Overall, Batch PSD to JPG Convert does a pretty good job in terms of quality and also works fast. Very easy-to-use and sporting drag-and-drop support, this utility can be a really must-have for those who work with many PSD files on a regular basis.

Batch PSD to JPG Convert was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 9th, 2014
Batch PSD to JPG Convert - The main window allows you to add the files you need to batch.Batch PSD to JPG Convert - The Options and convert tab allows you to customize the resize and the file naming.

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