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A DirectShow filter for displaying subitles

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DirectVobSub provides you with a DirectShow subtitle filter that automatically integrates with any player supporting DirectShow technology such as Media Player Classic, Windows Media Player or Zoom Player. It can also be used as a plugin for AviSynth and VirtualDub through its included VSFilter.dll.

With DirectVobSub, you can quickly and easily set your player to read external subtitle files and superimpose them on a playing video file. DirectVobSub/VSFilter were formerly part of a whole application kenned as VobSub which was withal able to extract subtitles from DVD Video and engender text-predicated subtitles, without ripping the DVD to a file first.

The last version of VobSub was version 2.23, after which the development of VobSub ceased. VSFilter was a component of the guliverkli project on SourceForge web site. The guliverkli project withal includes the ability to extract subtitles from a DVD via the vobsub ripper program.

However, development of guliverkli ceased in 2005 with version 2.37. In 2007, it became a component of the Guliverkli2 project, now kenned as DirectVobSub, starting with version 2.38. But till September, 2012, the last guliverkli2 commitment was in April 10th, 2011.

Then, the MPC-HC project surmounted the sources. Commenced with 2.40, DirectVobSub is in active development again. DirectVobSub is additionally capable of extracting subtitles from a DVD without ripping it to a file first. Note that you can download "vobsub ripper" for the same effect. Note withal the guliverkli project has a cognate project VSrip.

DirectVobSub supports numerous subtitle formats including VobSub (SUB / IDX), SubStation Alpha / Advanced SubStation Alpha (SSA / ASS), SubRip (SRT), MicroDVD (SUB), SAMI (SMI), PowerDivX (PSB), Universal Subtitle Format (USF) as well as Structured Subtitle Format (SSF).

The bottom line is that DirectVobSub has helped and still does that with a lot of users demanding a customizable DirectShow filter capable of displaying the subtitles of their video files the right way, accordingly to their very own preferences.

DirectVobSub was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on September 19th, 2013
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