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A neat package that deploys a large variety of codecs you need in order to fully enjoy media files from the comfort of your desktop

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In order to be able to watch movies or videos on a computer, having a dedicated application is not enough - as a matter of fact, it is almost useless if the PC in question does not have any installed codecs that would allow the software to process various formats.

A friendly extension for your basic media player

Storm Codec is a comprehensive package that includes basically everything one would ever need to play multimedia files, acting as a powerful add-on for Windows Media Player.

It is quite friendly with computer resources, it can be installed in a matter of seconds and users can configure a lot of settings so that they can be sure everything is all right from the get go.

Although the actual installation takes only a few seconds, advanced users can take their time and analyze the settings, then choose the codecs they need, as this utility is quite complex and comprises a lot of files.

Deploys a large amount needed codecs

Without getting too technical, Storm Codec should be the right solution for those who intend to play the most popular media formats, such as MP3, RealMedia, QuickTime, 3GP and many others. Furthermore, these codecs can be used even if there is no video player installed on the PC, as Storm Codec comes bundled with Media Player Classic.

A drawback of Storm Codec is the lack of a detailed Help section that would allow beginners correctly configure the codec package. There are a lot of tools integrated into the package, so documentation can be seen as essential when trying to deal with such a complex tool.

In conclusion

All in all, Storm Codec is worth a try for anyone who needs a codec pack that really works and can play multimedia files with minimal effort. It only takes little time to install and configure, making it nearly a necessity for any computer that sooner or later becomes a source of media entertainment.

Storm Codec was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 10th, 2014

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