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Video codec identification utility that provides detailed information about media files and lets you check out the codecs installed on your system

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GSpot is able to identify what codecs are needed for playing a certain media file, spearing you the time-consuming labor of researching it yourself. In addition, it tells you what codecs are already installed on your machine.

Where it comes handy

Viewing a particular video file is not always possible, and that's probably due to the fact that you don't have the codecs it requires. Dismissing the chance to watch a movie because it requires a codec that you just can’t put your finger on is not the solution. GSpot can help you in that matter.

G-Spot is a nifty application that you can use to identify the shortcomings of a video format. In other words, if a movie needs a certain codec, then G-Spot will tell you what it is, and maybe even guide you to a possible solution.

The advantages of being portable

The application doesn't need to be installed; you can just keep it on a Flash drive and run it without leaving a footprint on the computer’s registry.

Simple looks

The whole program consists of a single window, that you might find plain at first, but it offers all the information you need about a video file. Simply browse for a clip and G-Spot will instantly load additional information.

It is divided into several portions - File, Container, User Data/Metadata, Audio, Video, and Proposed Codec Solutions. The part you are mostly interested in is the status for video and audio. It should read "Codec(s) are Installed", else start looking for them (begin with G-Spot's proposed solutions, if any).

An efficient and reliable codec analyzer

In conclusion, GSpot offers you full reports on video codecs. It reduces the time you would normally spend searching for codec information to just a few seconds.

GSpot was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 9th, 2014
GSpot - This is the main window of GSpot which establishes what codecs (audio and video) are required to play an media file.GSpot - From the System menu you have the possibility to access the codecs list the media types listGSpot - If you want to view the audio and video codes you can access this menu of the applicationGSpot - You are able to view the audio codecs and the description for each one from this windowGSpot - From the Settings window you can set the system interaction and the desktop environment

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