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Powerful encoder that offers support for video and audio formats (e.g. 3GP, AVI, AC3, MP3), output settings, as well as batch operations

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Those looking for a software solution that can serve both as a multimedia player and converter have a lot of applications to choose from. Among these utilities, SUPER distinguishes itself as a powerful and versatile video encoder that supports a wide array of audio and video formats.

Supported file formats

With the help of this tool you can turn almost any kind of movie from its original format to a new one. SUPER is able to work with videos in 3GP, AVI, MOV, AVI or WMV format but, in the same time, it can also get along with AC3, MP3 and OGG file types.

User interface

The interface of SUPER is one of the few things that could receive improvements in the future, as it focuses more on functionality rather than good looks. Overall, the application is pretty easy to use and every step is nicely organized in the main window, so that users can check their desired options on the spot.

Output configuration settings

Since it has been designed to be accessible to all types of users, changing the built-in video and audio settings takes a couple of seconds. The customizable options include size, FPS, video bitrate, sampling rate, number of channels and audio bitrate. SUPER supports batch file processing as well, so you can simply drag and drop several files you want to have converted.

An overall efficient video app

For those looking for a powerful encoder and converter, SUPER seems to be just the right tool at the right time. Its features are at hand and the variety of configurable options allow it to earn a spot on the list of recommendations.
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Last updated on February 13th, 2015

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SUPER - The main window of SUPER enables users to get the most out of their multimedia filesSUPER - You can access the main menu of SUPER whenever you want to clear all files in the job list or disable the hintsSUPER - You can access the Player Options window when you want to adjust the brightness or contrast of your videosSUPER

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