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A handy and powerful application that allows you to seamlessly create slideshow videos and quickly upload them on your YouTube channel

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Tutorial slideshows and video presentations provide others with important information about a certain field of interest. Uploading such files to a popular video hosting website, such as YouTube can help others access your presentations.

AquaSoft SlideShow for YouTube is a crafty piece of software that allows you to create slideshows and video presentations suitable for being uploaded to your YouTube channel.

Intuitive slideshow creator

The application can help you create your own slideshows and video presentations out of any of your images, videos or sounds. Furthermore, you can insert certain predefined text effects, adding a professional look to your slideshows. Together with text effects, transitions can be inserted. These can help you ease the passing from a slide to another, thus smoothing their flow.

In addition, you can add a soundtrack to your slideshows, so that you can explain or add an audio narration to your video presentation. You could also use this as a way to add background music to your slideshow.

Handy presentation creator that can upload videos to YouTube

AquaSoft SlideShow for YouTube can help you build professional-looking presentations and upload them directly to YouTube. By doing so, it spares you from the hassle of manually connecting to your account and uploading your slideshow.

Aside from this, the program can help you harmoniously overlay and combine images, videos and sounds in such a manner that no delays or mismatched slides will be seen in your presentations when viewed on YouTube.

An overall powerful slideshow creator

To conclude, AquaSoft SlideShow for YouTube provides you with an efficient way of creating presentations and video slideshows out of your images, sounds and videos. By directly uploading these files on YouTube, the program spares you from any other implications, once you finish creating a slideshow.

AquaSoft SlideShow for YouTube was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on August 12th, 2014
AquaSoft SlideShow for YouTube - AquaSoft SlideShow for YouTube helps you create presentation videos for your YouTube channel.AquaSoft SlideShow for YouTube - By accessing the Slideshow menu, you can check your project for errors or view its statistics.AquaSoft SlideShow for YouTube - From the Add menu, you can quickly insert images, sounds and videos into your slideshows.AquaSoft SlideShow for YouTubeAquaSoft SlideShow for YouTubeAquaSoft SlideShow for YouTubeAquaSoft SlideShow for YouTubeAquaSoft SlideShow for YouTubeAquaSoft SlideShow for YouTubeAquaSoft SlideShow for YouTubeAquaSoft SlideShow for YouTubeAquaSoft SlideShow for YouTubeAquaSoft SlideShow for YouTube

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