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It muxes (combines) video, audio and subtitle streams into one DivX Media file.

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DivXMux-GUI is a compact application designed to provide you with a graphical interface for the DivXMux tool. It allows you to select files and configure the multiplexing operations without having to deal with the command line mode.

The users that create DivX Media Format videos might be familiar with the DivXMux tool which allows you to prepare and assemble the output files. It is a command line utility that can combine several video and audio sources in order to generate non-linear multimedia files.

You can use this tool for specifying the resources that will be included in the DivX, configuring the titles and building the interactive menus. While the experienced users can perform these actions from the command line, the beginners often prefer a user-friendly graphical interface.

The DivXMux-GUI aims to help users create DivX Media files by converting the user preferences and list of items into command line arguments. It provides access to most of the DivXMux features and commands.

When launching the application for the first time you need to specify the link to the DivXMux tool or download it by using the link from the Preferences window. The main window is easy to understand and enables you to select the video, audio and subtitle files that you want to use.

In order to build your multimedia file the program requires you to select a video and up to eight audio or subtitle tracks according to the DivX Media Format standard. You can specify the type, language and order of the tracks in order to customize the output.

The GUI offers you the option to create multiple jobs and add them to a queue in order to build multiple files with minimum user interaction. You can review all jobs, change their order and edit their parameters before starting to process them.

Unfortunately, the program does not provide the option to build a menu by importing the parameters from a XML file. However, you are still able to create a menu by selecting the Menu-mode in the main window.

If you want to avoid the command line interface when creating DivX Media files, the DivXMux-GUI provides you with an easy to use alternative.

DivXMux-GUI was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on August 6th, 2013
DivXMux-GUI - DivXMux-GUI is providing you an easy-to-use and simple user interface that will allow you to mux divx in a much easier wayDivXMux-GUI - In the Preferences window of this application you may select the default output folder, the temporary files folder and the DivXMux location

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