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Create and edit videos by importing pictures (e.g. JPG, BMP, PNG, GIFF, TIF), and work with flowcharts for assembling the 2D/3D scenes, hardware acceleration and script editor

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Mewa Film is a lightweight software application that can be installed on Windows and Linux for creating and editing videos.

Clean feature lineup

The GUI looks straightforward and offers a well-structured suite of features. There’s also support for an online help manual that provides answers to the questions that you may have regarding the program’s capabilities.

Defining a new project

You can set up a brand-new project by specifying the name and saving directory. In addition, you can configure the frame width and height, frame rate, as well as thumbnail size.

The tool gives you the possibility to load images or a sequence of photos in the current project. It works with all sorts of file formats, such as JPG, BMP, PNG, GIFF, TIF, and XPM. On the downside, you cannot import video files (e.g. AVI, MPEG).

What’s more, you are allowed to work with a script editor, delete frames, preview each image in a separate tab, open a timeline panel, as well as make editing adjustments via the built-in curve editor.

Playback controls are embedded in the main window for helping you start the current selection, go to the beginning or end of the video, jump to the next or previous frame, and manually enter the start and end frames. Plus, you can make the app show the total number of frames or duration and work with flowcharts for assembling the 2D/3D scenes.

The program gives you the possibility to undo or redo your actions, adjust the RGB values of the images, and export the current frames or user-defined ones as a photo sequence to JPG, PNG, TIFF or BMP file format.

In order to work, fast Mewa Film requires some tweaking from your side. You need to adjust the maximum system performance (RAM) that the application can use.

Bottom line

All things considered, Mewa Film is of great help to all those who are interested in creating and altering clips without having to go through a lengthy configuration process.

Mewa Film was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on April 28th, 2015
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