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Allows you to convert subtitle files to the binary format expected by authoring tools

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SubtitleCreator is a tool that provides you with various tools for editing and converting subtitle files. The user interface is plain and simple so the program can be used with minimal effort.

You can open one or more subtitle files and join them, create a new subtitle, open and export IFO files, as well as save text in SUP or VobSub format. When it comes to editing options, you can change the text, start and end time, view subtitle position, align or format subtitles, and search for text.

Also, you will be able to select the video format (PAL or NTSC), change font, set outline width, apply preferred subtitle colors, enable line wrapping and an anti-alias filter, align text vertically, write top-down, select character encoding and copy palette to clipboard.

In addition, you can create and manage profiles, apply changes to all subtitles, highlight too long subtitles in blue and duration errors in green, and cleanup spaces while a subtitle is loading.

Furthermore, you can view frame markers, select a DVD decoder, select interface language, change the background image and settings, set time delay, convert the frame rate, load synchronized subtitles, automatically adjust the SUP position, recognize text using OCR, access Google Translate, and more.

The program uses a moderate amount of system resources and we haven't come across any difficulties during our tests. On the other hand, there is no help file you can access, so first-time users can find it difficult to understand all the features. Even so, we recommend you test SubtitleCreator for yourself.

SubtitleCreator was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on March 12th, 2013
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