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Play, convert and analyze YUV or RGB video data in their raw formats
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YUVTools is a set of tools designed to play, convert and analyze YUV video data in its raw formats. It is a useful tool for video software/hardware developers and professionals.

Unlike compressed video data format (MPEG2, H.264 etc.), YUV data file are uncompressed, and with no head information saved. It is hard to play or process a raw YUV file if its data structure and format are unknown.

YUVTools was made for helping video developers to play and analyze their video data.

The user can play many different YUV formats, with all the playing controls, as well as two layers of grids overlaid to indicate MB (macro block) and block boundaries, as used in MPEG 1/2/4 and H.264.

The user can also convert one YUV/RGB format to another, compare two YUV files and display their difference, or calculate the PSNR.

Main features:

  • It can accept (play, convert and analyse) the combination of following 4 formats:
  • in 4:4:4, 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 YUV sample format, or in 4:4:4 RGB format;
  • in different compoent order, like YUV, YVU, UYV, RGB, BGR, etc.
  • in progressive (one single field) or interlaced (two fields) format;
  • in planar (YYY...UUU...VVV...) or packed (YUV, YUV....) pixel format;
  • in predefined or arbitrary resolution;
  • Support FOURCC
  • When one FOURCC is selected, other cooresponding formats are set to match this FOURCC:
  • UYVY (YUV422, U-Y-V-Y, progressive, packed)
  • UYNV (same as UYVY )
  • Y422 (same as UYVY )
  • IUYV ( YUV422, U-Y-V-Y, interlaced, packed)
  • YUYV (YUV422, Y-U-Y-V, progressive, packed)
  • YUNV (same asYUYV)
  • V422 (same asYUYV)
  • YUY2 (same asYUYV)
  • YVYU (YUV422, Y-V-Y-U, progrssive, packed)
  • IYU2 ( YUV444, U-Y-V, progressive, packed)
  • YV16 (YUV422, Y-U-V, progressive, planar)
  • YV12 (YUV420, Y-V-U, progressive, planar)
  • IYUV (YUV420, Y-U-V, progressive, planar)
  • I420 (same as IYUV)
  • Since the raw video data is headless and with no format information saved in the file, a format guess function is provided when the video data is loaded to play, convert and analyse.
  • For each format combination, an image preview (first frame), a format diagram (illustrating the data structure) and a raw data dump map will be displayed interactively, to help the users to try the combination of above format, till right format is obtained.
  • YUV Player
  • When playing a video file, user can start/stop, play/pause, reverse play, frame by frame forward/backward, or directly drag to certain frame;
  • When playing a video file, user can select display YUV all components, or Y, U, V components separately;
  • User can open and play multiple video files at same time;
  • YUV Converter
  • Converter: It can be used to convert any combination of above format to another;
  • It can convert a sequence of BMP files into a single YUV/RGB format, or vice versa;
  • It can convert only some of the frames of the input file;
  • It can scale up/down if the input and output have different resolution
  • Join: Two YUV files can be joined into one file.
  • Crop: One area of all frames can be cropped and saved into a new YUV file.
  • Filp: Vertically flipping all frames in original file and saved into a new YUV file.
  • YUV Analyzer
  • PSNR : It tools can be used to calculate the PSNR of two input video file;
  • The PSNR can be calculated for certain frames only;
  • A PSNR report file can be generated;
  • Compare: Two video files can be compared frame by frame, and the difference (residual) will be displayed
  • The brightness of the difference image can be scaled up, in case the difference is very small;
  • The comparison can be applied to YUV all components, or Y, U, V components separately;
  • The difference residual can be played frame by frame (back and forth), or directly drag to certain frame
  • Data Overlay: Other information can be overlaid on top of video display while it is playing.
  • For each macroblock, one dimensional (like block type) or two dimensional inforation (like motion vector) can be overlaied;
  • Separate file needed to load the information.
  • YUV Editor
  • Inspector and editor: You can select one block, and zoom in to check each pixel values, whether in RGB or in YUV, and at the same time, you can change the pixel values, in order to create sepecial colors or patterns in block.
  • Grid Display : Overlay two layers of grid, which can be used to show MB (Macro Block, 16x16 in MPEG2) and Block (8x8 in MPEG2), in two different colors;
  • The grid color can be selected by a visual color select tool.
  • Support command line options, useful for batch process or scripting. Support command line control for play and converting functions.

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YUVTools - From this menu you can choose the tyope of option you need to use.YUVTools - This menu offers the possibility to encode or decode AVI files.
What's New in version 2.1.97
  • Fixed a bug when converting BMP files to planar format YUV format
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