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A comprehensive and reliable piece of software which brings together thousands of video effects, transitions, Pip-FX, Frames, Splitscreen, Particles and more




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Adorage Magic is an advanced software solution comprising an extensive amount of video effects, particles, transitions and numerous other elements that can be used to customize the appearance of movies with minimal effort.

After installation, users can launch the application and begin browsing through the available effects, which are organized in eight different volume.

Each volume comprises additional subsections with effects that can be previewed in the dedicated window, using the images from a locally stored file or a live video source.

Adorage Magic supports up to two different sources, letting users select them either from the connected capture devices or from movies located on the host system.

The effects can be applied one at a time, as the utility does not allow users to overpose multiple elements simultaneously, automatically deactivating the previous one, when users click another.

Moreover, Adorage Magic offers three additional components, specifically ‘Mixer’, ‘Smoke’ and ‘Overlay’, each enabling users to customize the output movie.

As such, using the ‘Mixer’ tool, users are able to select the preferred properties of the mask, modifying its ‘Starting Point’, ‘Ending Point’, ‘Fader Starting’ and ‘Fader Ending Status’. The ‘Border Sharpness’ can be adjusted manually, using the assigned slider, also being able to set a ‘Border Color’ and ‘Brightness’ level.

The ‘Smoke’ component enables users to set the ‘Preparation’ and ‘Expiration Frames’, also adjusting the dimensions of the effect, its ‘Rotation Impulse’ or ‘Intensity of Smoke Production’.

The ‘Overlay’ function allows users to choose the preferred graphic, the ‘Clipping Mask’ and the ‘Running’ direction, being able to customize the ‘Covering’, ‘Fade In’ and ‘Fade Out’ levels.
Last updated on September 12th, 2004

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