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A media player specifically designed to provide users with the possibility to view high-quality videos in 3D with the simple push of a button

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3D Video Player uses a sophisticated technology in order to convert 2D videos to 3D and play them altogether, inside the same window. What impresses the most is the accuracy of the conversion, for the output video stands proof of how such an application can work in favor of the newest video technologies on the market.

Seamless 3D playback experience

Playing videos in 2D is a task that any average media player can carry out – the real challenge for a modern player is to facilitate the conversion and playback of 3D videos, which is something that 3D Video Player can achieve seamlessly.

Despite lacking eye candying elements, the interface of 3D Video Player is intuitive and easy to work with. The GUI is resizable, so you can adjust its dimensions in just the right amount in order to play the videos in a manner that doesn’t compromise on graphic details.

The playback controls are nothing of a fancy nature - most media players sport this collection of buttons. Full screen, shuffle, pause, repeat, play, previous and forwards should make the feature set of any respectable media player.

Apply anaglyph effect to 2D videos

Adding a file to the playback area is possible using the dedicated button, although drag and drop is also supported. The conversion of a 2D video to 3D is possible via the 3D button, which applies several filters in order to obtain the anaglyph effect.

Moreover, you can set the playback mode to side by side, top and bottom, as well as to enable special types of anaglyph such as anaglyph true and anaglyph gray.

The conversion is performed on spot, so be sure to put on your 3D glasses in order to enjoy the live modifications.

The advantage of using 3D technology

On an ending note, 3D Video Player is an application that really matters on today’s software market. It allows you to take advantage of the many perks of the 3D video technology, which is much more than an average player can do for you.

3D Video Player was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on September 24th, 2014
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