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It's no surprise that people are downloading videos from YouTube on a regular basis since this is one of the most popular services on the planet, so every single software solution designed to make their life easier in this regard comes in quite handy.

This is also the case of Moyea Youtube Player, a very simple program that was designed not only to open YouTube videos on the fly, but also to work with FLV files.

Opening a clip is quite easy because the application comes with dedicated features to either load an online clip or a locally saved Flash video file, so everything is pretty straightforward.

If you got yourself in trouble when working with the program, there's always the help menu included in the package, but it won't do much good unless you have an Internet connection. Documentation is only available on the developer website, so you won't be able to access it in offline mode.

As for the way it works with FLV videos, Moyea Youtube Player is nothing different from the rest of the apps able to do the same thing.

There is no settings menu, just a few options that allow you to enable or disable the playlist and view the clip at the original size, double size, fixed size or full screen. More so, there's a dedicated tool to associate FLV files with Moyea Youtube Player.

Other than that, Moyea Youtube Player runs on low computer resources so it might very well deserve a chance. Overall though, you won't be impressed because even if it is very easy to use, it still does the same thing as many dozens of similar tools.

Moyea YouTube Player was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on May 2nd, 2013
Moyea YouTube Player - You can use the main window of the application to play the FLV files you want.Moyea YouTube Player - The right click context menu can be used to use the zoom function and modify the video quality.Moyea YouTube Player - You can view the playlist and modify the size of the player from the View menu.Moyea YouTube Player - Moyea YouTube Player allows you to use the Control menu to access the Play, Pause, and Stop functions.

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