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A modern and reliable video player that allows you to watch local of YouTube clips, as well as to share them on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter

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QuickPlay is a video player that aims to enhance the multimedia experience of the everyday user, by providing a pleasant and comfortable playback environment. It can play both local video files and YouTube clips.

QuickPlay is suited for all users, although it needs more than an average computer for a successful runtime. A high-tech graphics card and a fast processor are the most important prerequisites, whereas an Internet connection is only required for users who want to watch YouTube content.

The modern interface holds a few menus and a toolbar that encases the most important playback controls, which are otherwise common to any other media or video player. Files can be added to the playback area using the dedicated commands, but drag and drop works as well.

The program also includes a YouTube client that allows you to search and watch video clips without using a web browser. Although the application claims to have possibilities to share videos on Facebook and Twitter, these failed to work for us.

Another downside we’ve noticed about QuickPlay is the fact that some of the features inside the menus are grayed out and cannot be used. For instance, the program encases functions for recording audio and video files, but unfortunately they seem to be disabled.

A quick walkthrough to its menus will get you to the conclusion that half of its feature set is unavailable and despite the fact that some of the functionality might become active during future releases, there’s very little to experiment with for now.

This behavior is proof that QuickPlay is nothing more than a regular video player for the time being. When all of its features will be implemented, chances of it becoming more popular will increase.

QuickPlay was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on December 30th, 2013
QuickPlay - The main window of QuickPlay allows users to load the videos to be played.QuickPlay - From the File menu of QuickPlay, you will be able to access YouTube videos.QuickPlay - QuickPlay features support for a variety of deinterlace modes.QuickPlay - screenshot #4QuickPlay - screenshot #5QuickPlay - screenshot #6