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Converts video to flash (FLV & MP4) with H.264 encoder





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Moyea Video4Web Converter is a professional but easy-to-use utility which can perfectly convert video to flash video file in FLV and MP4 format with H.264 encoder for better quality and better uploading to video share sites and help Moyea Web Player to customize a excellent flash video player to play all Adobe flash video on any social sites.
For the best output quality, different settings for specifying the flash video are available. You can set the visual effect with the brightness, contrast, volume, crop the video and change the time length of the video. You can trim any duration of video file for conversion. You can crop any parts of the video image and extract the black edge for conversion.

If you are a veteran in video settings for the output files, you can also custom the output file with different video bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, audio bit rate and etc. to get the video and audio quality to your taste. Moreover, Moyea Video4Web Converter allows you to merge multiple titles or chapters into one file for conversion.
With the function to merge into one file, you can convert the entire movie, or join the certain chapters to one file for the playback with one click. To merge into one file depends on your preference.
Last updated on April 23rd, 2009
Moyea Video4Web Converter - This is the main window of Moyea Video4Web Converter where you will be able to input the source files.Moyea Video4Web Converter - You can use this window when you want to change several default settings of Moyea Video4Web ConverterMoyea Video4Web Converter - Moyea Video4Web Converter at work. The file conversion is done within a matter of seconds.

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