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Using this application you can record your desktop, your webcam and your microphone, then save the recordings as AVI, WMV and MP3

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SMRecorder is a video recorder solution designed to create a video file by capturing the desktop actions or the input from the connected video camera. It is an useful tool for creating video tutorials or other movies on your computer.

The program can also record the audio input from a connected microphone and save it as an MP3 file. You can choose to combine the video and the audio input in order to synchronize them when you need to create a video tutorial.

When recording the video from the desktop you can select the region or choose to capture the entire desktop. The frame rate, interleave interval and compression quality are adjustable and are used to optimize the video output.

You can also fine-tune the sound quality by adjusting the bitrate and number of channels before starting the recording process. If you prefer to add the audio later, the audio recording can be disabled or the recording volume adjusted to a lower level.

The video controls are easy to access and both the main interface and the recording parameters are well organized. During the installation the program prompts you to install other tools that are not required. Pay attention to the confirmation messages in order to avoid the unwanted components.

During our tests, the program used significant resources but with a mild effect of the computer performance and the other applications. Unfortunately, the output video speed was above the normal and we could not find a parameter that can reduce the speed.

Overall, SMRecorder is an easy to use application that can help you record video and audio content with minimum effort.

SMRecorder was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on June 20th, 2014
SMRecorder - The application allows you to record your desktop and the webcam connected to your computer.SMRecorder - You can select the full desktop to be recorded and adjust the duration of the recording.SMRecorder - SMRecorder offers you the possibility to adjust the quality of the video and its frame rate.SMRecorder - screenshot #4SMRecorder - screenshot #5SMRecorder - screenshot #6SMRecorder - screenshot #7SMRecorder - screenshot #8SMRecorder - screenshot #9

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