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A lightweight and reliable tool aimed at network administrator to help them control services, computers, files, accounts in their LAN

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Adminner is a complex and reliable piece of software created specifically for LAN professionals, enabling them to perform a wide array of remote access and control operations, managing all workstations in their network unrestricted.

Clean and functional looks

The application features a fairly basic yet practical interface, making use of menus to organize its various functions and components.

As such, users can adjust Adminner’s ‘Configuration’ or resort to the ‘Services Tools’, ‘Computer Tools’, ‘File Tools’ or ‘Account Tools’.

Easily manage LAN workstations and their users

For starters, administrators can decide which are the various individuals who have access to the program, from the ‘User Management’ section of ‘Configuration’, defining an account name and password. From this same menu, users can run a ‘Computer Scan’ and identify all of the available PCs in the network, along with their individual local IP addresses.

The ‘Service Tools’ section allows users to scan for the various services on the network workstations, then manage and control the ones that interest them, running queries for instance. With the ‘Computer Tools’, administrators can control machines from afar (‘Reboot’, ‘Shutdown’, ‘PowerOff’, LogOff’) or scan for new ones.

The ‘File Tools’ menu lets users update the contents of an existing document or delete it altogether. Similarly, it can be restored, in case it gets removed by accident. From the ‘Account Tools’ section, administrators can organize and sort users and groups, as well as check up on currently logged individuals.

A useful network management assistant

To sum it up, Adminner proves to be a handy and efficient utility aimed at network administrators, as it provides them with a set of functions and components that can successfully help them manage the workstations in their LAN, with minimal effort.

Adminner was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on December 6th, 2014
Adminner - The main window of Adminner allows you to access its various menus and manage usersAdminner - The Type of Service Management window enables you to add or delete certain entriesAdminner - From the Service's Type Management window, you can identify all the items that you can work withAdminnerAdminnerAdminnerAdminnerAdminner

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