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This tool can check your bandwidth usage and also display your bandwidth stats as mentioned on your providers website

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Not all Internet providers offer unlimited quotas to download and upload. Those who do not differentiate their services by the download speed, most certainly offer a fixed download and upload portion or a prepaid quota and charge you supplementary for each extra unit of data received or sent over the Internet.

In both cases, an application to monitor the connection speed or the amount of data received and sent via your gateway should prove most useful. Be it that you just want to make sure you get the bandwidth you pay for or your traffic statistics match the ones from your Internet service provider, ISP Monitor should come in handy.

The interface was kept simple and easy to use by any web surfer. It shows details regarding the amount of downloaded and uploaded information and the downstream / upstream speed. If you happen to use one of the supported Internet providers in Belgium or Netherlands, you can compare recorded data on your computer with their transfer statistics.

ISP Monitor updates at regular intervals and even displays the percentage used of your total quota so you can adjust the network usage. In case you download large packs in a short period of time you can always update the information manually and get an idea on current quota.

In addition to network monitoring, the application also features a disk monitor that offers real-time information on read/write speed or used disk space. This should come in handy when you plan to download large files and decide their location.

If you want more out of the program, the application's settings allow you to customize warnings to help you better control your quota by setting limits for download and upload. Moreover, you can choose to allow ISP Monitor to disconnect the Internet connection in case of reaching a custom threshold.

Considering that it provides all this for free, you might want to give it a try and start controlling you internet traffic costs.

ISP Monitor was reviewed by Ciprian Paius
Last updated on November 28th, 2011
ISP Monitor - This is the main window of ISP Monitor from where you can easily monitor your bandwidth.ISP Monitor - From the Settings window you can adjust various features of the application.ISP Monitor - screenshot #3

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