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IPv4 and IPv6 Subnet Calculator

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IP Calculator is a very simple IPv4 and IPv6 subnet calculator that's based on a very user-friendly approach.

In fact, the user-friendly approach we are talking about is mostly possible thanks to the small number of features, as all of them could be grouped in just one window.

There are two different modes at your disposal, namely IPv4 and IPv6, both of which can be accessed from the same main window of the app.

Of course, users are allowed to input the IP, configure net mask, CIDR and number of hosts, while the app shows the network, broadcast and host range configuration.

There are no other configuration settings to play with and this is quite an important drawback. While the lack of options is usually good news for beginners, this type of app is not at all aimed at this user category, so professional users may be a bit disappointed.

IP Calculator works fine on every Windows version out there, but in IPv6 mode, the app crashes on Windows 7 workstations. There's no workaround for this problem, as the same problem occurs even when launching the app with administrator privileges.

All things considered, IP Calculator is an application that needs too many updates to at least challenge the other programs in this software category. It's easy to use, but the complete lack of configuration settings however is the one that could force advanced users turn to another application.

IP Calculator was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on June 14th, 2012
IP Calculator - The IPv4 Mode tab window of IP CalculatorIP Calculator - The IPv6 Mode tab window of IP Calculator

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