IP subnet wildcard calculator

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A handy subnet calculator that can generate a list of IP addresses based on user-defined data and determine subnetting attributes

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The name of IP subnet wildcard calculator reveals its purpose without a doubt right from the very beginning, even if you haven't yet launched the application. It is designed to perform various subnet calculations based on the data you provide.

Ease of use and clear-cut looks

The application requires no installation, so all you have to do in order to get it started is run the executable file. The main window is displayed almost instantly, displaying all the options and functions within a single window, with no menus whatsoever.

The GUI is split into three main sections, each dedicated to one function. The application can easily generate a list of matching IPs based on the address and the wildcard mask you provide.

Generate IP address lists and determine subnet attributes

With the help of IP subnet wildcard calculator, network administrators can perform various subnetting calculations so as to determine the attributes of an IP subnet. For an access control list, the application uses an inverse subnet or wildcard mask.

You can use it to calculate the wildcard mask that corresponds to a list of IP addresses, optionally taking into consideration a logic XOR.

Based on the network class, the IP address and the subnet mask, the application can retrieve information concerning the hexadecimal, the decimal and the binary IP address of a subnet, the host name, as well as the first and the last IP addresses in the network range.

A simple, yet reliable subnet calculator

There are various other applications out there dedicated to subnetting calculations, but IP subnet wildcard calculator impresses through simplicity and ease of use. Thanks to its forthright approach, it is a valuable utility in the toolbox of any network administrator.

IP subnet wildcard calculator was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on May 29th, 2014
IP subnet wildcard calculator - From the main window of the application the user is able to quickly generate a list of IP addresses.

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