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A tool which allows you ping all 255 addresses on our subnet

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NetPing is a lightweight Windows tool designed to ping a range of IPs and get information on each of them.

It's not such a complex piece of software, but the amount of information it can provide on the selected IPs is pretty remarkable, mostly when taking into consideration the limited number of configuration options it provides.

You may be surprised by the clean look it provides, as the main window basically comes down to the IP range you wish to scan and the final results, including the information it displays.

While you're prompted to input the start and the end addresses, NetPing can show the address, hostname, response time, notes, memory, operating system, processor, uptime and space of Windows drive, of course supposing you have access to the selected computer.

There's not much to configure about the program, as the configuration screen lets you enable a beep at the end of the pinging session, but also to select the columns you wish to see in the main window.

NetPing works flawlessly on all Windows versions except for Windows 7, as the application crashes every time during a pinging task on this particular operating system.

But all in all, NetPing is a nice small utility and in case the developer fixes these compatibility issues with Windows 7, it could become an important product for a handful of users. In the meantime, it remains just a basic solution with minor problems and only a few customization options.

NetPing was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on March 26th, 2012
NetPing - In the main window of NetPing you can add the addresses you want to verify.NetPing - From this window you can customize all the settings of the software.

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