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A lightweight and comprehensive software solution that you can easily use to keep track of any changes that your IP address undertakes

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ThorroldFox IP Monitor is an easy to use tool designed to help you monitor your IP address and perform various tasks if any changes occur.

It displays a user-friendly interface which makes it very easy to use and set up. On its main window you get to view the current IP address along with the time it was last changed and a log that contains any activity.

IP changes can appear due to various reasons and can interfere with the proper functionality of your computer, most often leaving you without a properly working Internet connection. Which is why it’s important to be aware of any changes that take place, so you know when to act.

ThorroldFox IP Monitor is mostly designed to take action when you’re not at the computer. For this, it’s fitted with certain features which allow it to take immediate action when the IP address changes.

You can set the application to check for changes at regular intervals (minutes, hours and days) or toggle the auto detect function. This way, you are automatically notified when an event takes place.

As far as notifications go, ThorroldFox IP Monitor is capable of sending you an email that tells you of any alterations. All you have to do is provide the to and from email addresses, as well as server IP and port number.

The application doesn’t offer you any kind of remote control so you can’t really do anything when you’re alerted of the change except go to the computer and restore the IP address. ThorroldFox IP Monitor does however allow you to have it automatically run executables and scripts from your computer as soon as the IP address is modified.

In closing, if you’re looking for a simple and efficient way of dealing with sudden changes of your IP address, ThorroldFox IP Monitor is a tool that can help you out.

ThorroldFox IP Monitor was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on November 15th, 2014
ThorroldFox IP Monitor - From the main window of ThorroldFox IP Monitor you are able to view your IP address and set it to notify you in case it changes.ThorroldFox IP Monitor - Accessing the Action tab of the Settings window, you are able to choose the action type, between executable or script.ThorroldFox IP Monitor - You can toggle auto detect and check for IP changes within a custom specified interval.ThorroldFox IP Monitor - screenshot #4

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