Blue IP and Wi-Fi Manager

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A simple and user-friendly application whose main purpose is to provide you with an easy means of switching between various network setups

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Blue IP and Wi-Fi Manager is a lightweight and intuitive piece of software designed to provide users with the quickest method of changing between their multiple network configurations, without wasting too much time in their Windows TCP / IP panel.

Following a basic and uneventful installation process, users can launch the program from the shortcut that it applies on their desktop. Its simple and intuitive interface make it very approachable, even for the less experienced users, while the more advanced will certainly appreciate its ease of use.

From the File menu of Blue IP and Wi-Fi Manager, users can create a new profile, giving it a name that they prefer in order to help them locate it more swiftly, in case they have multiple configurations to work with.

Subsequently, users can choose the type of network from the drop down menu. Next, users can 'Set IP Address', and do that, they first need to uncheck the DHCP option, then input the 'IP Address', 'Subnet' and 'Gateway'. Similarly, users can 'Set DNS' as well as the 'Proxy IE', with the possibility to 'Bypass Local'.

When users have completed setting up the profile, they can click on the 'Save Profile' button, which will keep all the configurations that they have made, for the next time they need to work with it. Blue IP and Wi-Fi Manager allows users to create multiple profiles, for different purposes, listing all of them in the dedicated drop-down menu. This way, users will only need to select the required configuration and press on the 'RUN' button.

In conclusion, Blue IP and Wi-Fi Manager is a user-friendly and efficient application that enables users to swiftly switch between different network configurations with just one click and go about their work uninterrupted, thus saving them valuable time and effort in the process.

Blue IP and Wi-Fi Manager was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 25th, 2014
Blue IP and Wi-Fi Manager - The main window of Blue IP and Wi-Fi Manager allows you to enter the configuration preferences of your profileBlue IP and Wi-Fi Manager - From the File menu, you can create a new profile, edit the name of the current one or remove it

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