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A powerful application that helps you transform any computer or laptop into a Wi-Fi router, providing they have a wireless network device

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Not being able to share your Internet connection with other devices can be frustrating, especially if all of them have wireless capabilities. Luckily, there are software solutions that can solve these problems.

One of them is Connectme – (Hotspot), an application that can turn your computer or laptop into a virtual Wi-Fi router, in order to share your Internet connection with other devices. It requires .Net Framework installed on your computer in order to function efficiently.

Handy and easy to use virtual router creator with intuitive layout

The program helps you transform your laptop or computer into a Wi-Fi hotspot, providing that you have wireless network device. This has a multitude of uses, as you can share your broadband or dial-up Internet connection with devices that support only wireless networks, such as smartphones.

Besides, you can create a customized virtual Wi-Fi router, by choosing a broadcast name and a password for your network. The password is encrypted using WPA2-PSK, one of the most secure methods of wireless encryption.

Dependable and intuitive wireless network creator that offers connection setup persistence

Connectme – (Hotspot) can provide you with valuable statistics about the status of your virtual wireless router. You can easily check the BSSID of your network, the channel used and the number of devices connected to your virtual hotspot.

By doing so, you can easily check if anyone else besides you is using your network, then disconnect any unauthorized devices. In addition, you can save your current router configuration, so that you do not have to set it again the next time you create virtual wireless network.

A lightweight, yet powerful wireless hotspot creator

Connectme – (Hotspot) provides you with simple means of turning your computer or laptop into a virtual Wi-Fi router, so that you can easily share your Internet connection with other devices.

Connectme - (Hotspot) was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on May 21st, 2014
Connectme - (Hotspot) - Connectme - (Hotspot) allows you to easily turn your computer or laptop into a Wi-Fi router.Connectme - (Hotspot) - The Statistics tab displays information about the network you created, such as BSSID, channel or number of clients.Connectme - (Hotspot) - By accessing the Settings tab, you can save your current settings, so that you will be able to access them later.

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