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Connect your PC to your Epson projector via LAN with the help of this easy configurable application that features data transfer encryption

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EMP NS Connection can facilitate the communication between your computer and a Epson projector, allowing image sending from the PC to the peripheral using the network connection.

Developed by the aforementioned manufacturer itself, this application can be of use to any owner of a projection device, since it can transmit images almost in real-time.

The configuration process is not difficult at all and it should not pose problems to any user. At initialization, you are prompted to choose between quick or advanced connection mode. It is advised to use the latter option at first, in order to set up the connection properly.

EMP NS Connection can search for the connected projectors either automatically or manually. The second method requires you to specify the name of the target device or its IP address.

All the compatible hardware components found during the scan are gathered in a structured table, allowing you to view the device status, the projector name and its IP.

For your convenience, connection profiles can be created for each projector and loaded whenever needed. Profiles can be grouped into various categories and exported for later use.

The application allows multi-display usage and full-screen video transfer. The performance is adjustable, which means that you can instruct the program to find a balance between transfer speed and its quality.

For security reasons, it features data encryption to ensure that your privacy is not compromised in any way.

EMP NS Connection is a tool that any Epson projector owner should try out. It is easy to configure and enables you to quickly send data from the PC to the hardware device for playback.

EMP NS Connection was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 14th, 2014
EMP NS Connection - The main window of the application allows you to connect to your projector.EMP NS Connection - The user can let the application search for the projector or can enter the projector's IP address.EMP NS Connection - In the Settings window you can set the application to display the Connection Mode window at startup.EMP NS Connection - The application will create a balance between performance and speed based on your preference.

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