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Surf the web with enhanced protection and fully incognito by having network adapter details randomized or customized with this application

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Seeing how the Internet becomes more and more dangerous, users are constantly looking for a way to stay on the safe side from attacks and even tracking. Mac Makeup is a nifty little utility designed to modify your MAC address for various purposes: hiding your identity, network or hardware troubleshooting, etc.

Securely visit favorite web pages

Every time you connect to the Internet, your computer is exposed to malicious attacks. That means your computer's information and your personal data is on display for hackers.

There are a few ingredients necessary to protect yourself when you are online. Most of them are well-known - an antivirus system, an Internet security technology, a back-up and recovery system, and an IP changer.

Browse the web incognito

Another way to accomplish that is by using a MAC changer. Mac Makeup is a very small, free program that simply replaces your MAC address with a new one. In other words, it adds an extra level of security and provides network anonymity.

Have randomly generated details

The main window of the program is very simple, but extremely easy to use. First off, you need to select the network adapter for which you require a change of MAC. You can write down your own MAC address or generate a random one (completely random, random device ID, or random OID). You can also enable the creation of a log file that records all the changes performed to your MAC addresses.

Using little system resources

The application is simple and it works, except on some small, random occasions when it crashes and you have to restart it. The footprint on the RAM memory and CPU is almost invisible and should not pose any problems when trying to run it even on older machines.

A few last words

In conclusion, Mac Makeup is one of the simplest, most intuitive applications of its kind. In addition, it’s completely portable, so you can run it from a removable drive without leaving traces in the Windows registry. Moreover, it offers enhanced protection due to randomization processes.

Mac Makeup was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on August 1st, 2014
Mac Makeup - The main window displays the network adapters detected on the computer and allows you to generate a new MAC address.

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