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A powerful network simulation application designed to help you build simple to complex network structures and analyze their efficiency




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NetSim is a powerful and comprehensive network simulation utility that can assist you in designing an efficient network architecture. It can assess network reliability, displaying information regarding the system behavior and problems that might occur.

NetSim can create anything from simple home networks to large, complex ones, performing efficiency and reliability verifications to discover connectivity problems.

With NetSim one can easily create network scenarios with different configurations comprising all kinds of devices, from simple workstations to servers and sensors, ATM switches or routers. Various protocols are supported.

Furthermore, NetSim supports XMl configuration files, in case you don't want to create the network yourself.

Drag and drop actions are enough to place a device or create a link between multiple points in your network. Additionally, NetSim enables you to change the properties of each device and view the impact on the entire network layout.

Simulations can be run from within the GUI or using the command console. NetSim reveals the arrival time, queuing time, payload and possible error causes for all packets that travel across the nodes and generates reports concerning all events, logging the event time stamp and type.

The integrated packet animator allows you to view a graphical representation of how data packets are transmitted through both wired and wireless networks.

What's more, NetSim enables you to analyze the performance of your network architecture at multiple levels, taking into account throughput, delay, data loss and errors. Plots and graphs can be generated and reports can be exported to Excel for further analysis.
Last updated on December 21st, 2014
NetSim - NetSim is a reliable network simulation software solution that can help you build virtual network structures.NetSim - NetSim includes all kinds of network objects, such as routers, workstations and sensors.NetSim - NetSim can be used to simulate networks that include connected devices spread across large distances.NetSim - screenshot #4

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