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A complex, yet easy to use application that enables you to access ports of computers protected by firewalls by performing reverse port forwarding operations

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Having a firewall to protect networked computers is, generally speaking, a good thing. However, there are instances when one needs to bypass this protection, for various reasons. In this respect, NetworkActiv PortImport is a reverse port tunneling tool that distinguishes itself from similar programs by allowing back-end users to remain in their protected LAN environment.

Built on a daemon-console setup

This is one of the notable features of this modular application, as it allows multiple TCP and UDP port forwards to stream, without endangering the daemon user. The program is built around a modular architecture, with a daemon-console setup.

The daemon component is run on the target computer and, once hooked up with the console, allows the latter user to access the ports on IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Both components can be installed, but also work as standalone portable programs. What's more, both modules can be loaded as Window services and all these settings can make the program very hard to detect.

Both modules are portable, but can also be installed

It should be noted that the program is not a pure remote control application, in the sense that it only allows access to otherwise protected ports; it does not support SSH, VNC or Remote Desktop protocols.

This being said, it does collect data statistics on the administration console, such as packets transferred, or the IP addresses involved and it can also resolve the hostname. A built-in chat function can be employed to facilitate communication between daemon and console. Several preferences can be adjusted, such as the minimization or exit settings and the program can even be configured to run hidden in the system tray.

The program allows users to access ports on computers behind gateways and firewalls via reverse port tunneling

All in all, NetworkActiv PortImport is a powerful network tunneling utility that can assist one to bypass the normal firewall port protection.

NetworkActiv PortImport was reviewed by Mircea Saveanu
Last updated on July 9th, 2015
NetworkActiv PortImport - You can use the NetworkActiv PortImport daemon to establish a new connection with the desired host.NetworkActiv PortImport - NetworkActiv PortImport allows remote host resolving and chatting between different host workstations.NetworkActiv PortImport - The 'Settings' window of NetworkActiv PortImport enables you to set the default session port.NetworkActiv PortImportNetworkActiv PortImportNetworkActiv PortImport

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