Simple TCP proxy/datapipe (formerly Simple TCP Proxy/Pipe)

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A command-line application that works as a datapipe for TCP connections, with additional support for SSL and multiple target hosts

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Simple TCP proxy/datapipe can set a proxy-like connection between one or more TCP clients and a target host, acting as a proxy with a single destination host and port number. Delivered inside a lightweight package, this application can bind TCP clients, such as web browsers to a specific interface.

The application only works in the command prompt, which might seem a bit difficult to those who are not familiar with the console. Even so, the syntax is simple and after you take a while to understand it, everything should work smoothly.

Multiple target hosts

In order to use it, you must enter the destination hostname or IP address, followed by the target and the local ports. One important advantage is that it supports multiple target hosts. As such, you can enter an entire list of hostnames or IP addresses that are then processed one by one until a connection can be established.

Simple TCP proxy/datapipe enables you to use a secondary interface to set the connection, such as a wireless connection.

SSL support and advanced configuration options

There are various options at your disposal, ready to meet your requirements. You can instruct the application to create a dump file for the content of the connections or output it to 'stdout', configure the maximum number of incoming connections, modify process priority or set Simple TCP proxy/datapipe not to display data concerning incoming connections.

More advanced features include SSL support and reverse connections (which comes in handy for bypassing NATs). The application enables you to restrict the access to a number of trusted IP addresses.

A useful TCP piping application

Simple TCP proxy/datapipe works as a datapipe for TCP connections, allowing SSL tunneling and retrieval of data exchanged between the SSL client and the server. While it only runs in the command console, it is a handy tool for experienced programmers and network administrators.

Simple TCP proxy/datapipe (formerly Simple TCP Proxy/Pipe) was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on April 5th, 2014
Simple TCP proxy/datapipe (formerly Simple TCP Proxy/Pipe) - Simple TCP proxy/datapipe is a simple application that can bind together multiple TCP clients with target hosts.