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Easy alternative for forwarding incoming connection through SOCKS protocol to a remote server that could be SSH type or even Tor

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As the name suggests, Tun2Socks GUI is the graphical user interface for Tun2Socks, a tool designed to help run incoming TCP connections through SOCKS protocol at the network layer.

No install, simple looks

The application itself does not require installation as it can be launched by simply deploying the executable file after extracting the contents of the downloaded archive.

The interface is composed of a single panel that can be extended to show the logs of all the actions taking place in the background once the connection forwarding begins.

Tun2SocksGUI shows the local IP address and allows you to add the desired DNS (Domain Name System) addresses. Apart from a few fields where you get to punch in IP addresses all other options can be enabled or disabled with a single click.

Proxyfi your connection

The application can be used to run your connection through a remote gateway in order to protect your identity on the web by anonymizing it. Furthermore, its purpose can be applied to forwarding the connection through a remote SSH server or tor network.

Simply provide the proxy address and check the option “Use HTTP Proxy Type” to route the connection through a different address (HTTPS is not supported).

The activity of the application can be transparent as it allows you to enable logging, which makes the actions run in the background transparent.


Tun2Socks GUI is not difficult to handle as long as you know what you’re doing. It provides a simple interface that lets you easily configure how the connection is routed.

There is no support for HTTPS, which would make the transmission of the data across the web safe from being intercepted and accessed.

Tun2Socks GUI was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on March 3rd, 2014
Tun2Socks GUI - Tun2SocksGUI's application window should not pose any trouble to users accustomed to network settingsTun2Socks GUI - Once started, you can choose to display a log of all the actions running in the background

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