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A cross-platform controller GUI specially designed to allow you to use the Tor software, as well as to view and analyze the bandwidth usage

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Internet privacy has always been a concerned with all hidden eyes watching every website you access. However, you might what to check out Vidalia Bundle, designed as a controller for the Tor application, which is a popular privacy defender that prevents prying eyes from spying on your browsing habits.

Based on an anonymous connection

Tor, short for The Onion Router, stands out as a cross platform solution that enables online anonymity. The project, as a whole, is a daring initiative that relies on a distributed network of servers maintained by anonymous users all around the world with the purpose of protecting one’s privacy.

Making access easier for everyone

Although Tor is the main core, the command line approach it uses is slightly difficult to be digested by beginners. As a consequence, the developers rolled out two additional software applications, namely the Vidalia Bundle (a GUI controller for Tor) and the Tor Browser Bundle.

A handful of connection settings

In other words, Vidalia Bundle is a client for Tor, providing users with a rich set of controls for a better management of the anonymous connections. It relies on a user-friendly control panel that allows users to view the connection status, start or stop Tor, as well as to monitor bandwidth usage.

Play a different role in the network

The Vidalia bundle is available in three different editions, depending on the role you wish to play in the Tor network. The Bridge bundle sets up Tor to act as a bridge, helping other users to reach the network, while in the Relay edition you will act as a middle node or as a guard (this will contribute to the growth of the Tor network).

Last but not least, the Exit version releases Tor traffic out in the open, to the plain Internet. Please note that this behavior is frowned upon and anyone using this edition takes the risk of having their computer equipment seized by authorized institutions (an alternative solution would be to inform your ISP about your clean intentions).

In conclusion

To sum it all up, Vidalia Bundle is a more user-friendly approach for the Tor project. It integrates controls that allow you to manage the anonymous connection easier and more comfortable. Each of the three available editions plays an important role, with its ups and downs.

Vidalia Bundle was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on October 16th, 2014
Vidalia Bundle - With the help of Vidalia Bundle you are able to quickly open and use the Tor softwareVidalia Bundle - From the system tray menu you have the possibility to configure the settings, as well as to add a new identity as convenientVidalia Bundle - By using Vidalia Bundle you are able to view all the available Tor networksVidalia Bundle - screenshot #4Vidalia Bundle - screenshot #5Vidalia Bundle - screenshot #6Vidalia Bundle - screenshot #7Vidalia Bundle - screenshot #8Vidalia Bundle - screenshot #9Vidalia Bundle - screenshot #10

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