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A small and effective utility that will enable users to share their Internet connection and create wireless hotspot with a few clicks

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Sharing the Internet connection of a computer or laptop can be easily done, provided that the hardware and software requirements are met. To create a hosted network with wireless connectivity all you need is a dedicated WiFi adapter and an application tailored for this job.

Among the many utilities of this kind, Wi-Host is one of the most easy to use and configure as it aims to make everything very easy for all users. Through a friendly interface all the commands are easily accessible and can be customized on the spot.

An important mention that has to be made is that in order to make your Internet connection accessible for any user, you will have to activate Internet Connection Sharing. Wi-Host can help you find your way to the necessary settings and describes the procedure in detail.

From the main window of this program you will be able to setup the hosted network and view its current status at all times. When creating the WiFi network you will have to assign it a name (SSID), a key and pick the authentication type. After all the required steps are followed, all that remains to be done is to press the 'Start Hosted Newtork' button.

Besides the main functionality, Wi-Host also has another neat feature yo can benefit from. More precisely, this tool is able to read and display the wireless adapter settings, so you will be able to check out all the capabilities of your device.

All things considered, for any user who needs to create a hosted network and also make the Internet connection available to anyone through a wireless connection, Wi-Host is one of the best choices from its software category.

Wi-Host was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on January 16th, 2014
Wi-Host - Wi-Host allows you to view the network and the adapter details in the main window.Wi-Host - You can set up a new network from your PC by entering the SSID and the authentication type.

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