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Gain instant access to the Internet from your preferred mobile device by using your machine as a wireless network hotspot with this simple tool

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Since nearly any portable device can connect to the Internet via a wireless network, you might find it pretty practical to use your machine as a hotspot. WiFi HotSpot Creator is an easy to configure software solution designed to turn your very own computer or laptop into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

Accessible to all levels of experience

Extremely useful if you're connected to the Internet through a wired connection and wish to share it via Wi-Fi, WiFi HotSpot Creator comes with only a few configuration options, thus targeting both beginners and those more experienced.

Easy configuration process

With support for an unlimited number of users, WiFi HotSpot Creator groups all configuration options in a single window, which means the whole setting up process should be completed in no time.

You are thus prompted to provide the name of the network, or SSID, the passphrase, which is actually the password your clients must use to connect to your new wireless network, and the NIC that represents the network connection you use to access the Internet.

Other than that, it's enough to press the “Start” button and you're ready to go, with no other configuration screens or menus.

Uses little system resources

As you can see, WiFi HotSpot Creator is a pretty simple piece of software and not only that it does what it says so fast, but it's also very friendly with hardware resources on all Windows versions.

Administrator privileges are required when launched on Windows 7 and 8, but otherwise it works without a glitch on all Windows workstations.

In conclusion

All in all, WiFi HotSpot Creator is one of the easiest ways to turn your computer into a Wi-Fi router, requiring only minimum configuration and relying on a basic interface that makes everything easy as pie for all types of users.

WiFi HotSpot Creator was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 1st, 2014
WiFi HotSpot Creator - The main window of WiFi HotSpot Creator enables users to turn their computers into Internet hotspots

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