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A straightforward utility that allows you to scan an entire network in order to identify computers and extract detailed information about them

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iTMan Inventory is a software solution created to help you scan your local network, identify the connected computers and extract information about their installed hardware and software.

A minimalistic design that makes things simple

iTMan Inventory displays a user-friendly interface inspired by the Windows Metro look which makes it intuitive and easy to operate. About the GUI layout you can say that it is well structured, placing all the features and functions in plain sight.

From the main window you have the means to quickly perform a network scan, view a list with all the found computers and have the application display detailed information about them.

Scan an entire network or an IP range

iTMan Inventory offers you a number of ways in which you can extract data about a computer. You can either enter its IP address and the application locates it immediately, or define a custom IP range and identify multiple systems.

If you don’t know the appropriate range, then iTMan Inventory allows you to scan the entire network within a few clicks. It goes without saying that the time you have to wait for the results depends in the scan itself. Scanning an IP range and performing a complete network scan are bound to deliver results at different paces and can take anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes.

Generate detailed system reports in a giffy

iTMan Inventory enables you to gather a considerable amount of data from computers which can be of great help if you’re a network administrator. Knowing what is installed and its version, you can easily figure out what needs to be replaced or updated.

Collect accurate workstation information in a few steps

To sum things up, iTMan Inventory is comprehensive, easy to use, fast and user-friendly, which makes it a practical and flexible tool for anyone who has to inventory a single system or an entire network.

iTMan Inventory was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 25th, 2014
iTMan Inventory - iTMan Inventory allows you to scan a network in order to extract information about existing workstations.iTMan Inventory - From the Computers section you are able to view a list of all the detected PCs and choose which ones  you want to inventory.iTMan Inventory - The application allows you to scan a single IP, a range or a specific network place in search for computers.iTMan Inventory - screenshot #4

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