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Remote desktop monitoring system for network administrators to better supervise the activity on multiple client computers simultaneously by taking screenshots

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LANVisor is a software application built to help you monitor the screen activity of multiple computers connected to the local area network. It offers you the freedom to capture screenshots, and control the mouse and keyboard remotely on the target computer.

It comes with support for two editions, namely Client and Server. The Client is responsible for taking snapshots of the remote PCs at a certain time interval and sending them to the Server program over network. The Server offers you full control over viewing what’s happening on other computers and configuring all settings.

Key features of the Client version

LANVisor gives you the possibility to perform several actions using the Client tool. You can launch the utility at Windows startup, run the tool in an invisible mode so it won’t get noticed by other users, make use of hotkeys for accessing the settings, password-protect the access to the configuration parameters, adjust the screenshot quality, take screenshots from all monitors connected to the PC, and set the time when screenshots are taken.

Adding a new client to the server can be done by providing information about the computer’s name or IP address. Plus, you may remove or edit clients.

Server configuration settings

The application reveals small monitoring windows for each client computer. Plus, if you hover your mouse cursor over a PC, you get details about the name of the computer and user, uptime, operating system, installation date, IP address, screen resolution, memory, and processor.

What’s more, you can send messages to other users, start or stop all clients with a single click, enable or disable screenshot logging for all clients, automatically take screenshots at a custom time interval, adjust the image quality, and set the maximum log file size.

You can save the settings to a file on your computer so you can import them in your future projects, clean the screenshot storage folder, update all screenshots, open the folder where the screenshots are stored, switch to a full screen display, adjust the volume on the selected workstation, as well as perform remote power management tasks like turn off a PC.

General tweaks

LANVisor lets you specify the directory where screenshots are saved, automatically delete images older than a custom number of days, enable logging, and view the snapshots with the aid of a slideshow.

Final remarks

All in all, LANVisor comes bundled with advanced features and comprehensive settings for helping you monitor and record user activity for several LAN workstations simultaneously.

LANVisor was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on September 30th, 2015
LANVisor - LANVisor will provide user with a remote desktop monitoring system to quickly and easily connect to the client computersLANVisor - Users will be able to access all the available options and functions for each and every client within their very own contextual menusLANVisor - The Remote Client Settings manager window will help you set up the main settings as well as the remote control for the selected clientLANVisor - screenshot #4LANVisor - screenshot #5LANVisor - screenshot #6LANVisor - screenshot #7LANVisor - screenshot #8LANVisor - screenshot #9

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