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A useful application that was especially designed to help you watch the user activity on a remote computer and control it from your PC

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Monitoring remote workstations on a network is usually a job that can be carried out only by the administrator, but this activity can also be carried out in schools, for example, in order to guide or assist students. Among the many applications that can make this task come true, you can find Network LookOut Administrator Pro.

This program has a decent, yet rather plain interface, but practicality is at its core and from that perspective, simplicity is surely welcomed. With a generous space reserved for viewing the remote screens, this utility provides an interesting set of features for all types of users.

To manage the systems under surveillance it is possible to add them one by one and have them listed as such, or you can opt for creating groups in which several PCs can be included. The list of actions you can trigger remotely is sufficient to give you full control over the target computers.

With Network LookOut Administrator Pro you can type and click on the remote system just like on your local workstation. The power options of the managed computers are at your disposal, which puts only a click away operations like reboot, shutdown, hibernation or stand by.

Even the screensaver on the remote PC can be started or stopped, while the user currently logged onto that station can be logged off just as easily. Opening documents, running applications or specific commands remotely is also supported, alongside the possibility of using the web browser on that computer.

An important mention that has to be made is that administrative privileges on the monitored workstations are required for the above mentioned actions. On the whole, Network LookOut Administrator Pro manages to offer a solid set of functions and is so easy to operate that even beginners can get along well with it.

Network LookOut Administrator Pro was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on August 12th, 2015
Network LookOut Administrator Pro - From the main window of Network LookOut Administrator Pro users can remotely control and monitor connected computersNetwork LookOut Administrator Pro - The Tools tab allows users to perform different tasks such as turning off, restarting or locking remote devicesNetwork LookOut Administrator Pro - You have to insert details such as IP and nickname in order to add a new computer to the networkNetwork LookOut Administrator Pro - screenshot #4Network LookOut Administrator Pro - screenshot #5Network LookOut Administrator Pro - screenshot #6Network LookOut Administrator Pro - screenshot #7Network LookOut Administrator Pro - screenshot #8

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