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A versatile utility that allows network route monitoring from any location on a permanent or temporary basis and quickly locates network problems




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RoutePlotter is a practical and effective solution worth having when you need to monitor the quality of your critical network infrastructure with ease.

RoutePlotter will now monitor routes from multiple locations so critical routes can be monitored in 2 directions.

Most failures that affect the availability and service of critical application servers and IP devices occur on the network route not at the actual IP device. Traditional route testing tools only provide 'on-demand' reports that show a snapshot of the network performance consequently problems are missed.

RoutePlotter combines the automated monitoring of application services, IP devices and the network routes that serve them to deliver a comprehensive performance reporting suite. RoutePlotter provides the needed visibility to ISP route changes and overall route consistency which otherwise never get noticed or resolved.

If you don't continuously monitor the network infrastructure to your business critical devices, how can you identify when ISP issues are impacting your customers.
Last updated on February 4th, 2014
RoutePlotter - With the help of RoutePlotter you are able to continuously monitor any IP address or deviceRoutePlotter - By accessing the 'My Server' menu you are able to read all the logs and your timelineRoutePlotter - You can navigate to the Options menu if you want to manage all the monitored routesRoutePlotterRoutePlotterRoutePlotterRoutePlotter

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