Samanage (formerly Samanage SaaS IT Asset Management)

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An online-based dashboard that enables you to manage your IT inventory and conduct service desk activities using tickets and email integration

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IT service desks require careful planning and management in order to deliver satisfying results, especially when it comes to ticket requests and the assets that are part of your company. Thus, you can make use of a cloud-based software solution to manage your entire organization online, complete with asset management and service desk integration.

Store and manage your assets on the cloud

Samanage is one such solution that aims to provide you with a fully-featured environment for your IT service desk activities, quickly accessible from any location, thanks to the cloud-based platform it utilizes. Hence, all the information concerning service tickets, contracts and assets is stored in a secure online dashboard, where it can be accessed at any time by you and your employees.

The dashboard can be opened and viewed inside the web browser of your choosing, although before making use of the platform, you first need to install a service on the desired systems, in order to gather information about their status. Thus, you are also able to stay on top of any problems or issues that might be plaguing the computers in your organization.

Generate and view detailed reports

In case you need an overview on certain aspects of your business, Samanage provides with a wide array of comprehensive reports that can be generated in just a few steps. Whether you want to view statistics about overall customer satisfaction, incidents, or an entire assets summary, the platform can quickly put the information at your disposal.

When it comes to configuring the utility, you are allowed to customize almost every aspect of the dashboard, by adding users, groups and assets, as well as modifying the settings of your service desk behavior and grant or remove permissions. In addition, you can also set up email accounts and perform portal domain mapping operations.

A complete solution for your service desk business

All in all, Samanage brings together everything you might need in order to run an IT service desk, complete with ticket and asset management, email service and remote support capabilities. In addition, the fact that it runs almost entirely on the cloud makes it easy to maintain and integrate with your company network.

Samanage (formerly Samanage SaaS IT Asset Management) was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 22nd, 2014
Samanage (formerly Samanage SaaS IT Asset Management) - The main dashboard display information about your connected computers, service level management and incidents.Samanage (formerly Samanage SaaS IT Asset Management) - You can view details about the connected workstations by accessing the Inventory section.Samanage (formerly Samanage SaaS IT Asset Management) - The Risks panel allows you to view the inventory items that are currently at risk.Samanage (formerly Samanage SaaS IT Asset Management) - screenshot #4Samanage (formerly Samanage SaaS IT Asset Management) - screenshot #5

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